ATC community bid farewell to Rev. Dr. C. Lalhlira

Faculty, Non-teaching Staff and students of Aizawl Theological College gathered at the D.E. Jones’ Hall on January 15, 2019 to bid farewell and to recognize and re-call the numerous contributions of Rev. Dr. C. Lalhlira. Leaving after 29 years (1989-2018) of serving the College, Rev. Dr. C. Lalhlira is credited with shepherding the academic improvement and infrastructural development of the campus and turning it into “stress-free learning environment for students.”

Rev. Dr. H. Vanlalruata, who delivered a farewell speech on behalf of the College, rightly referred to him (the outgoing Principal) as “lover of nature and children,” and “God fearing person.” Rev. Dr. Maruata recalled Rev. Dr. Lalhlira’s loyalty to Church exhibited in his regularity of attending church services, saying:

“He is the role model of Christian minster who loves worship services. He seldom missed church worship services in the sanctuary in spite of his busy schedules. He walked on foot to attend the church services, many of his students met him on his way to the church on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and sometime they hid themselves on the roadsides to avoid him as they are going in the opposite direction.”

Rev. Dr. H. Vanlalruata is also agreeable when the appreciated the gentleness, zeal, and friendly nature of the outgoing Principal:

“You not only were able to improve results in all courses but also created a stress-free learning environment for students. You tried your best to improve quality of faculty and encouraged their development through education and research. Your student-friendly approach and your understanding of the background of each student showing extra concern for those having problems–both academic and personal–will fondly be remembered for a long time to come.”

In his remarks, Rev. Dr. C. Lalhlira thanked the Synod and members of its Theological Education Board for the faith that had been shown upon him, so also the Faculty, Staff and students for their love, care and concerns for him and his family. The outgoing Principal concluded his farewell message which he begun with a drop of tears by expressing his hopes for the College’s future that the remainders must strive hard for spiritual maturity, academic excellence, and ministerial competence.

Rev. Prof. Vanlalnghaka Ralte, Dr. Lalhlira’s successor, has officially taken over the Principal office last week, and the new Principal chaired the function.

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