The important missional project advocated by the Synod Theological Education Board concerning the construction of Mizoram Kraws Lian (Mizoram Giant Cross) commenced on Monday the 29th November 2021. As auspiciously determined by the Building Sub-Committee which is in charge of the construction of the same, Leitan South Congregation wherein the community of Aizawl Theological College has primary membership, pioneered and undertook the task of the preliminary community service work on a voluntary basis. Around sixty members participated in the task and this imperative shall forever be etched in memory.

The viability as to whether a Cross of such magnitude could be constructed atop the inclines of Aizawl Theological College has been sagaciously deliberated upon by an expert team of geologists, deemed to be paramount in the state of Mizoram. Thereafter, on November 18th 2021 Aizawl Municipal Corporation accorded permission towards the construction of the same and it is the hope and prayer that the task shall continue in earnest.

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