Aizawl Theological College Celebrated Its 53rd College Day

The General Secretary of National Council of Churches urged the celebrants of College Day to be mindful of humanity and rightful spirituality as the world enters into what he called ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’

The oldest theological institution in Mizoram and a leading theological college in the North-east region celebrated its 53rd College Day on November 26, 2018 in its premises at Durtlang Leitan, Mizoram. The programme was chaired by Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau, Synod Sr. Executive Secretary, i/c Theological Education.

The Principal Rev. Dr. C. Lalhlira accorded a very warm welcome to the invitees; and gave an interesting report on the College’s activities and major achievements during the past one year (i.e., December 2017–November 2018). Some of the significant points in the Principal’s report may be highlighted as under:

  1. The College has now seven disciplines in Mater Degree course following the commencement of Christian Ministry since this academic session.
  2. There are 24 regular Faculty members and four superannuated re-employed Faculty members, three of them are the former Principals of the College as well as Sermapore College; and three other teachers on contract/daily basis.
  3. While Rev. Lalfakawma Ralte left for doctoral studies at the United Theological College, whereas Rev. P.C. Vanlalhruaia joined the Faculty since June 2018.
  4. Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinkima, who joined us in January this year has joined the PCI General Assembly as one of the Administrative Secretaries.
  5. Rev. R. Vananlaltluanga received his Doctorate Degree in the last Convocation of Serampore College held at Chennai.
  6. At present, 13 Faculty members are doctorate degree holders, 9 others with Master Degree; 11 are doing Doctoral studies and five others Master Degree for the Faculty development.
  7. Mrs. R. Sangkungi joined the College from the Synod Rescue Centre, Durtlang Leitan.
  8. The Library has new collection of 1027 books during the last one year. The total number of books has reached 68,439 volumes, with 11,193 different materials, 153 journals from India of which 34 are from Mizoram and 30 foreign journals; 7 national dailies.
  9. In this current academic session, out of 150 applicants for BD course, only 27 have been given admission due to limitation of seats.
  10. Out 178 total students, 41 are female; the students are from surrounding states.
  11. Seminar on Ecology, in collaboration with the Safe Chite lui Coordination Committee, was held at the Synod Conference Centre, Aizawl on June 16, 2018.
  12. The Faculty published a book entitled, The Reformation: Its Legacy and Challenges, in commemoration of the 500th year of the Reformation.
  13. The construction works of New Faculty Quarters and Intercultural Centre have been recently completed.
  14. The College hosted the Biennial Conference of the Society for Biblical Studies in India (SBSI) during October 23-25, 2018 in which about 70 biblical scholars from all over India flocked together.

The Principal’s report contains this beautiful statement: “One of the visions of the [Mizoram Presbyterian] Church is to make the College to become one of the best theological institutions in South East Asia. For this the College will have to develop its infrastructure which would in turn need special financial assistance from the Synod.”

The Principal concluded his report with heartfelt thanks indebted to the Church and his colleagues for the kind support and cooperation rendered to him throughout his tenure as the Principal of the College. He conveyed his best wishes to the newly elected Principal saying, “I now welcome and congratulate the Principal Elect Rev. Prof. Vanlalnghaka Ralte, who is a scholar, administrator, and a friend of all. I wish him all the very best to become the Principal as he takes over the charge of Principal in the beginning of January next year. I, at the same, request all the Faculty and Staff to support him as you have wholeheartedly supported to me.”

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, the Guest Speaker of the Day spoke on highly intellectual theme, “Humanity and Spirituality in the Face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Speaker discussed the present context in which we are doing ministry in terms of Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution which is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. He explicated the advantages of digital technology in terms of social connectivity, communication speeds, versatile working, learning opportunities, automation, information storage, accurate duplication, GPS and mapping, transportation, low cost, etc. Besides, the Speaker also stressed upon the reality of humanity and spirituality in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He spelled out nicely the present context as fusion of technologies and humans, thus, “In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, human beings no longer control machines, but rather humans co-exists with machines, but rather humans controlled by machines, and furthermore, human beings and machines are fused, and human beings extend through machines, and human progress is led by machines.” The Guest Speaker challenged the Church and Theological Education [in Mizoram] to initiate another reformation. Dr. Gaikwad responded God’s call to become the General Secretary of National Council of Churches while he was serving the ATC as its Principal.

At the celebration, Edler Dengzikpuia, Synod Secretary (Sr) gave away the Proficiency Awards and various Prizes to the deserved students. Mr. Zosangliana Rokhum, the outgoing President of Students’ Body was awarded with “The Best Outgoing Student Award.”

To the new graduates listed below, the degree of Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) was awarded:

ATC Male Voice and ATC Choir presented beautiful songs during the function. Rev. Dr. Vanlalnghaka Ralte, the newly elected Principal proposed a vote of thanks. The College Day celebration was closed with benediction by Rev. Vanlalrova Khiangte, Member, Synod Theological Board.

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